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for my pantheon these are the best.

I had purchased other clips from other acupuncture supply companies but they were not as good as these. I am so glad I purchased these the quality is the best!

Posted by Leslie
on Oct 30th 2015
Great machine!

I recently switched to this machine. It is great to have both Micro and Milli currents on one machine for electroacupuncture.

Posted by Atsuko Fritz
on Apr 14th 2016
Great products and service from Pantheon

I bought my first 8c Pro in 1992. It's still working great. I've added two more over the years to have one in each treatment room. When I had a problem that required a fix the folks at pantheon gladly repaired it. Great products and service. The best full service Estim machine on the market.

Posted by Peter Dubitsky
on Jun 30th 2017
Great Product

Started using Pantheons at school (PCOM) and knew I wanted one. They are easy to use and having the timer built in is awesome. Highly recommend them!

Posted by Michael
Nov 23rd 2015
Compact, portable and easy!

The 8pro is already calibrated to a setting, making documentation easier; milli- and micro- amps make for easier ear acupuncture stimulation; and a beautiful simple design that doesn't take up space. Awesome!

Posted by Unknown
Nov 7th 2017
Alligstor clips

My office cabinet has been littered with cheap, broken cords purchased over the years from other companies and awaiting repair. All now in the trash now, replaced by cords from Pantheon I know will last for years.

Posted by Jim martin
on Aug 21st 2016

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