Estim & Electro-Stimulators


EStim, Electro Stimulators and Electrostimulation 

Pantheon electro stimulation machines are the most sought-after by acupuncturists and other practitioners of acupuncture. There are some good reasons:

  • All our products are manufactured to Worldwide scientific, exacting standards
  • FDA certified after meeting stringent testing and safety protocols – industry only
  • Calibrated to a consistent accuracy of 99.94% - miniscule 0.06% error
  • Unique electrical microcurrent waveforms – industry only
  • Electrical Safety exceeds IEC Standards – industry only

Here’s where our electro stimulators can help in your clinic or practice:

  • Long operational life with little to no maintenance
  • Reduced downtime and patient rescheduling based on reliability
  • Ability to self-test to ensure equipment is performing to specifications –industry only
  • Money-back performance guarantee: guaranteed to 99.94% accuracy – industry only
  • One-year warranty – industry leading (can be extended to 10 years) – industry leading
  • High return on your investment: one-time up front cost and minimal costs thereafter
  • Unparalleled support: 24/7 support from within the US and Canada - industry only
  • Multiple internal saftey features to prevent electronic malfunction, such as current limiting resisters that are redundant – industry only
  • Device cannot be turned ON unless all output knobs are first turned OFF; prevents accidental shocking of patients – industry only

All these benefits add up to giving your patients better treatment:

  • Your ability to calibrate frequencies provides patients with the most comfort during treatment
  • Our unique microcurrent waveforms (industry only) ensures the most effective treatment
  • Our built-in safety mechanisms (industry only) prevents patient accidents
  • The mixed mode feature allows for optimal pain treatments
  • Overall better machine performance leads to delighted patients
  • Delighted patients make more referrals; people love to spread the word when relieved of pain they have been suffering through for years after electro acupuncture treatment

Should you have any questions about any of our electro stimulators, please contact us.