General Protocol for Performing Electro-Acupuncture

Apr 28th 2016

Electro-acupuncture is a convenient stimulation technique to be utilized with the same acupuncture points and the same number of treatments as with manual acupuncture. Find the general protocol for Performing Electro-Acupuncture below:

Clean body points with alcohol

  • Insert needles and acquire qi or apply TENS pads.
  • Adjust electro-stimulator for desired frequency and waveform type:
  • For needle stimulation, set side switch to Acupuncture
  • For TENS stimulation, set side switch to TENS
  • Make sure Mode knob (A) is set to OFF and all four level control knobs (E) are at zero.
  • Plug clip or TENS leads into the electro-stimulator
  • Attach MicroClips or alligator clips to the needles for acupuncture / lead wires to the TENS pads for TENS application.
  • Ask patient if everything is still comfortable.
  • (8c.Pro only) Set the MINUTE TIMER (B) to the desired time limit. If 10 min, just leave as is.
  • Turn the MODE knob (A) on the electro-stimulator to the desired mode: Continuous, Discontinuous or Mixed (double-check that the level control knobs (E) are clicked off to zero). At this point the TIMER (on 8c.Pro only) has begun its countdown.
  • Tell patient which pair of points will be stimulated first, what they can expect to feel and what responses they should give. For example, “We’ll start with these points …here … and here. I’m going to slowly turn up the intensity, and I want you to tell me when you first start to feel … a light tapping or tickling sensation” (for very slow frequencies) or “a light buzzing or tingling sensation” (for higher frequencies).
  • SLOWLY turn up intensity with the Level Control knob (E) until the patient feels electrical stimulus.
  • If using stronger stimulation, ask the patient to tell you when the stimulus gets strong but still comfortable. It should not be painful. Also remind them to tell you if it gets sharp. SLOWLY increase the intensity until the patient tells you it is strong enough for them.
  • Repeat the process for each channel used.
  • The intensity felt by the patient will generally diminish over time, so, if necessary, SLOWLY increase until the patient says it’s strong enough again.

When ready to stop treatment:

  • (8c.Pro only)When the timer turns off, a beeper will sound off.
  • Turn each level control knob (E) channel down part way. Then turn each level control knob (E) channel all the way down until it clicks off.
  • Turn MODE knob (A) to OFF
  • Disconnect clips or lead wires from the needles/TENS pads (You may also remove the needles/TENS pads, then unclip)
  • Remove needles/TENS pads if you haven’t already
  • Unplug wires from the electro-stimulator.
  • Store or hang all wires straight when not in use. Tightly coiling or wrapping wires around machines will lead to premature breakage and wire failure. Periodically check wires with clip lead tester to ensure their safe use and patient comfort.