MC-Facial Rejuvenation

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Included complimentary with the purchase of our Clinical Microcurrent Machine

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1. Microcurrent for Facial Rejuvenation - Basic Course 
(12 CA CEUs)
Our courses are approved by the CA Acupuncture Board. 

Program Includes DVD, Training Handbook and Easy Reference Laminated Chart
Two movable probes (aka wands) are necessary to perform the techniques.


Enhance your practice with the addition of Facial Rejuvenation.


Our high quality training program with instructional DVD, Handbook and Laminated Chart guides the professional simply and easily through  techniques, protocols and everything else you need to know to get your practice going.

The DVD (19 minutes) instructs the practitioner in correct sequencing of techniques to achieve optimal results. 
The techniques include enhancement of tissue repair, reducing puffiness, muscle re-education and balance, and softening the appearance of fine lines. Play the DVD in your office. It's great advertising!

The easy reference Laminated Chart enhances quick    learning for the muscle re-education techniques.

Handbook topics include microcurrent and healing, contraindications and cautions, definition of terms, microcurrent research, protocols for the series, protocol for the neck, suggested treatment settings, microcurrent ten golden rules, microcurrent fiction, the muscles of facial expression, muscle balance and skin rejuvenation techniques, the quik-tone for the younger patient, patient evaluation, skin types, treatment expectations, patient consultation form, lifestyle evaluation and more!